Divorce, like so many areas of law now, involves a very wide spectrum of different circumstances. In some cases, often in the tabloids, very wealthy couples are fighting over the division of multi-million pound settlements.

In other cases there are are huge difficulties over finances with average families more stretched and financially uncertain than for decades and where there are emotionally damaging disputes over child custody and such like.

In another category where there are no difficult children or financial issues and both parties are reasonably amicable, it can be possible to have a fairly quick divorce, based on efficient and correct completion of the necessary court forms and paperwork and by efficient processing from solicitors. In this last category there are now many solicitors who offer a fixed fee solution which can at least reduce the emotional stress of going through a divorce. some firms will even offer the choice of the level of fee earner involved, each with a different cost. This kind of choice provision is most welcome in the legal market and clients should appreciate it is less than straightforward sometimes for the solicitors. this is because even where a firm makes it very clear to a client what they are getting for their money, who will do the work etc etc, it is still possible fo an argument later that the client was ignorant and the solicitors have not done their duty. Sometimes it can feel that solicitors can’t win, whatever they do.

Returning to the quick and easy divorce option, this is something of a misnomer. because divorce has to be a 2 stage process in English law, and because there has to be a delay of some months before the 2nd and final stage can be instigated, the fastest a divorce can go through from start to finish is around 6 months.