People are buying online – law is no exception

Online retail sales hit £50bn

It always amazes, and continues to amaze us, that so few law firms, other than personal injury law firms. Really accept that business of all kinds now get a sizeable and rising proportion of instructions directly from the internet. This is fact, whether lawyers accept it or not.

Whilst legal services are of course different to selling widgets, the principle of increasing internet usage and decisions made due to surfing still applies to services and professional services. People are using and spending money on the internet like never before, growth continues to be exponential.

Research published just after Christmas on the online retail market proves that consumers, and buyers of legal services are also consumers, prefer to shop online. In the research :-

  • Online shoppers spent an average of just under £1,500 on 39 items each last year,
  • Kelkoo’s survey reveals that sales growth online for retailers was an average of 14%, and that’s in a recession
  • The overall expenditure in the Uk online is now over £50 billion per annum

Most estimates for the UK legal market suggest that over 15% of instructions, and rising, are derived directly from the net. If your website is invisible in google for numerous search terms, you are not going to get any work from the web, simple as that.

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